“Woke” Male Rappers, Misogyny & Me

“I left my bitch at home; I think I need a new bae”: these lyrics had me seeing red as I was out jogging the other day. I’d cued up Vic Mensa’s album There’s Alot Going On, purely off the strength of his guest verse on “Go with It.” I’d never listened to him before, so I was unprepared for such a seedy statement, but also unsurprised. Let’s just say it was far from the first time I’ve been bothered by the misogynistic mentality that’s so prevalent in hip-hop.

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Give Love on Christmas Day: Budget-Friendly Batch Gifts

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Christmas music, and from that emerges three main schools of thought: love, hate, or tolerate. I fall neatly into the “hate” camp until about a week beforehand when my holiday spirit rebelliously kicks in and I decide it’s acceptable to listen to a small list of Christmas songs. One of the few to make the cut is The Jackson 5 Christmas Album. Read More »

This Is How You Lose Her is Love, with All the Ugly Bits Included

“So, read any good books lately?” one of my coworkers inquires, a followup to my asking around for recommendations the week before.

“Yes, actually!” I burst out. “I just finished This Is How You Lose Her… it’s a collection of short stories about failed relationships.”

“Oh lord,” someone else chimes in. “I’ve had enough of those—why would I wanna read about them?!”Read More »