This Is How You Lose Her is Love, with All the Ugly Bits Included

“So, read any good books lately?” one of my coworkers inquires, a followup to my asking around for recommendations the week before.

“Yes, actually!” I burst out. “I just finished This Is How You Lose Her… it’s a collection of short stories about failed relationships.”

“Oh lord,” someone else chimes in. “I’ve had enough of those—why would I wanna read about them?!” Continue reading “This Is How You Lose Her is Love, with All the Ugly Bits Included”


A Funeral for Lost Books

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about books, which anyone who knows me knows is not unusual. But specifically, I’ve been pondering all the books I used to own which have been lost over countless moves in the tumultuous past few years of my life. Doing so invokes an intense nostalgia in me. I know I’ll never see these particular books again—a different copy, maybe, printed with the same words yes,  but with none of the circumstantial meaning that the copies I owned became imbued with.

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