Breakfast Breakdown (prompt: structure)

Scrambled eggs were my favorite breakfast as a kid, and they still are, but over time I’ve upgraded them into a more nutritious “adult” version. Here’s the lowdown:

First you cook a few strips of bacon in a pan. Dump some of the fat, but not too much, because you’re gonna use it to cook your eggs in. Add the spinach first, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Then eight or so eggs with milk of some kind (I use soymilk since I don’t really like milk and only use it for cooking; the stuff stays good forever) and stir until scrambled. You can also add hemp seeds if you like (they’re pretty much tasteless and hella nutritious, so I’ve been adding them to everything lately). Take your skillet off the heat.

By now your bacon will probably be cool, so break it into pieces and sprinkle over the top. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Then, for the finishing touch, crumble and sprinkle blueberry goat cheese all over. I buy it at Walmart and it’s absolutely delicious! This makes enough for two people, so the only thing left to do is enjoy. 🙂


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