Jesse Rutherford is Everything on “&”

I was browsing Spotify a couple weeks ago when I stumbled upon Jesse Rutherford’s new album “&.” Somehow I had heard nothing about it up until that point, even though it had been out for over a month already. He’s the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, so needless to say, I ran to listen to it. I feel his aesthetic, voice, writing, and influence are a huge part of what makes The Neighbourhood so good and I was excited to see what he would do on a project totally his own. Continue reading “Jesse Rutherford is Everything on “&””


Top 3 Purchases I Made in 2017

Let’s talk about listicles. For those that don’t know, this is a mishmash of the words “list” and “article,” usually “21 Pictures of Cats That Will Give You Life” or something to that effect. They’re extremely clickable, easy to digest, and you know exactly what you’re getting into–which is why I think they’re so popular right now on big-name sites like Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, etc. Many times they’re overused as cheap, gimmicky clickbait, but I think they can be informative and fun if properly researched. Continue reading “Top 3 Purchases I Made in 2017”

This Is How You Lose Her is Love, with All the Ugly Bits Included

“So, read any good books lately?” one of my coworkers inquires, a followup to my asking around for recommendations the week before.

“Yes, actually!” I burst out. “I just finished This Is How You Lose Her… it’s a collection of short stories about failed relationships.”

“Oh lord,” someone else chimes in. “I’ve had enough of those—why would I wanna read about them?!” Continue reading “This Is How You Lose Her is Love, with All the Ugly Bits Included”