Caterpillar Corner

A few days ago I was coming home from work, putting my bike into the garage, when I noticed a fat caterpillar crawling around underfoot. I watched it for a bit and took a few pics, because I’m kind of a nerd like that, and to be honest had never really seen one up close before (I know, judge me).

The next day, that same caterpillar was chilling in the plants, just sitting there clinging to a stalk. I noticed, but I didn’t take any pictures this time (which I’m now kicking myself over because it would’ve made a great series). A couple days later, I went to get my bike for the morning ride and noticed something small, green, and oddly shaped sticking out from corner of the door. I suspect it’s the chrysalis of that same caterpillar, which is pretty freakin cool.

Some simple googling tells me it’s called an Eastern Black Swallowtail. I didn’t know the chyrsalis could be so small though. I have this idea of a huge chrysalis from learning about it back in school, more like a Monarch’s I guess, but not every butterfly is as glamorous. It’s also mindblowing to me how that thing is held up by only one tiny thread! Hopefully I’ll be around to see when the butterfly emerges, and maybe capture that as well.


A Funeral for Lost Books

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about books, which anyone who knows me knows is not unusual. But specifically, I’ve been pondering all the books I used to own which have been lost over countless moves in the tumultuous past few years of my life. Doing so invokes an intense nostalgia in me. I know I’ll never see these particular books again—a different copy, maybe, printed with the same words yes,  but with none of the circumstantial meaning that the copies I owned became imbued with.

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